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Medical Technology

Medical Technology is a term used in healthcare

Medical Technology is a term used in healthcare

Medical technology is defined in the World Health Organization as "the application of scientific, technological and medical knowledge to improve the quality of life and to prevent the development of various diseases". It is the science of medicine that has transformed many lives through the use of new technologies. In the 21st century, medical technology continues to grow and develop at breakneck speed. Australia is one of the few countries in the world where this growth and development are becoming increasingly prominent and is beginning to filter down through the population. Here are some of the developments taking place in the field of medical technology in Australia.

Biomedical Engineering: This area of medical technology encompasses all the fields that combine the sciences with the business world. The focus of biomedical engineering is to build life-enhancing technologies that can be used in the human and veterinary health care industries. For example, the development of highly efficient and long-lasting batteries for pacemakers is one example of technologies being developed for the veterinary industry. There are many other areas of convergence between medicine and biotechnology that are sweeping the world.

Nanotechnology: This field of medical technology refers to the use of small devices to assist the body in the repair of tissue and cells. One example is tissue grafting using nano-materials. This was previously the domain of cancer researchers. However, using nano-materials allows experts to not only repair tissue, but also to prevent or kill disease-causing bacteria. Other examples of nanotechnology in the healthcare industry include technologies that are geared toward energy, nutrition, water purification, cosmetics, electronics, and even fashion.

Diagnostic Medical imaging: Throughout the world, medical technology is evolving to the point that every diagnostic test known to man can be performed on one's computer. The diagnostic equipment used by physicians can be updated on a continuous basis to keep abreast of advances in medical knowledge, treatment, and prevention. These machines are commonly referred to as'smart machines' because they can process large amounts of data much faster than a human can. As time goes on, this equipment will save lives by reducing the number and severity of doctor-diagnosed medical conditions.

Some of the more common applications of such technology in the medical diagnostic field include; heart disease, cancer, arthritis, neurological disorders, infertility, diabetes, skin diseases, and infectious diseases.

English Wikipedia's definition of Medical Technology currently covers the areas of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive medical care and medical science. However, it does not cover the areas of pharmaceutical engineering, nanotechnology, or any other technologies. In order to be listed on the encyclopedia, the medical technology needed to be accepted by the existing scientific community as having proven useful qualities. Many individuals are concerned that their livelihood will be adversely affected by these changes. This is simply not true.

The article "English Wikipedia" is an excellent source for gaining an understanding of all types of medical technology including exactly how each individual application applies to one's profession today. For example, by reading the entry for High-Tech Devices, one can learn that this category includes electronics, computers, prosthetics, surgical, diagnostic tools, dialysis machines, vascular systems, x-ray machines, and even ultrasound machines.

Medical data is also often stored and hosted in the cloud or on virtual private servers. Medical web hosting is designed to be more secure than normal hosting because of the fact that private patient medical records are being stored. 

If you are a practicing medtech, you know that these devices are integral to your work, whether they are used in the diagnostic process or for treatment. Just as English Wikipedia defines various terms, so do you. Learn everything you can about the applications of modern technology.